About Us

Precision Ingenuity, LLC is located in Gentry, Arkansas and has a focus in automated CNC manufacturing, contract engineering, laser engraving, 3D printing, and custom firearms. Currently, there are two of us in the company. We are two cousins that are both mechanical engineers by profession and self-taught machinists. Growing up on the same farm, we would tinker around with various pieces of equipment and restore old tractors with our grandpa. That is what sparked our interest in all things mechanical and manufacturing.  

Although we enjoyed the engineering field for 5+ years, we also loved to get out on the shop floor and get our hands dirty by manufacturing quality parts/products, which led us to forming this company in 2020. We purchased our first CNC mill and started to learn how to use it on the weekends in late 2020. Finally, in late 2021/early 2022, we both decided to go full-time with this company. We have grown exponentially since then and cannot wait for what the future holds. 

We manufacture products and parts that we want to use, and we believe you will enjoy them as well. Precision Ingenuity is built on a passion for quality, solving problems, and automation. Our goal is to serve you with the best customer experience possible!

Thank you,
Precision Ingenuity